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Navigating the Terrain of Geofence Warrants

By Emily Brodner

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Artificial Lawyering: A Jekyll and Hyde Story

By Nicholas R. Spagnuolo

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Fixing Right-to-Repair Law: Why Efforts to Hold Manufacturers Accountable Are Faltering

By David Garrison Golubock

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Trademarks, NFTS, and the Law of the Metaverse

By Michael D. Murray

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Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Field of Law

By Maoyu Wang

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Ethical and Legal Implications of Social Media Use in Clinical Trials

By Andrea Seach

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Volume 6

Volume 5

Why Artificial Intelligence Shouldn’t Be a Patent Inventor
Consumer in a Coalmine: Lax Security of IoT Video Devices Puts Corporations Before Users
Tulip or Gold? How the Securities and Exchange Commission Should Regulate Cryptocurrencies